Betsy Darken

Professor of Mathematics


Office:  EMCS  417C

Phone:  (423) 425-4580

Dept Fax:      (423) 425-4586

Dept Phone:  (423) 425-4545

Mailing Address:

Mathematics Department #6956

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

615 McCallie Ave.

Chattanooga, TN  37403

Curriculum Vitae            

 Research and Teaching Interests:      

Mathematics Education
Mathematical Knowledge of Teachers
Quantitative Literacy
Statistics Education

Textbook:       Darken, Betsy, Fundamental Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers, 2nd Edition,
                        Dubuque, IA
:  Kendall/Hunt, 2005.      ISBN:  0-7575-2266-1

                        Table of Contents

                        Sample Chapters:      Numeration and Measurement Systems

                                                            Multiplication and Division I:  Meaning



Links to Professional Societies in Mathematics and Mathematics Education


                    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
                    Association for Mathematics Teacher Educators
                    Mathematical Association of America   
                    American Mathematical Association for Two Year Colleges  



Links to Interesting Sites Related to Mathematics Education


                    Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics  
                    Knowing mathematics for teaching: Who knows mathematics well enough to teach third grade, and how can we decide 
                    Mathematics Education Network  
                    Quantitative Literacy Conference Proceedings     
                    NSF Mathematics Classroom Resources         
                    National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Mathematics
                    Tennessee Department of Education  

Links to Interesting Sites Related to Statistics

                    CLT with animations for four types of distributions:


          Multiple t graphs:


                   CLT with dice:


                    Confidence Interval animation:



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