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Small school (normal school?) orchestra with winds and percussion, 1910s. This was typical instrumentation for this period.
From the collection of William R. Lee.

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research on bands and orchestras
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It is fair to say that the history of bands is not always the history of music education. 

band research journal
                    The primary outlet for historians of bands and band music in the United States is the
                    Journal of Band Research.

band archives and sites 

Sousa studies--archives and sites

(2) John Phillip Sousa: American Composer, Conductor and Patriot. This is an outstanding site. It includes a biography of Sousa, mide files of Sousa's marches, lists of available recordings, a list of books on Sousa, photos of Sousa, and much more.

essential books on Sousa
(1) Bierley, Paul E., John Philip Sousa, American Phenomenon. Foreword by Arthur Fieldler. Revised Edition. Westerfield, Ohio: Integrity Press, 1973. The standard work on Sousa.

(2) Sousa, John Philip. Marching Along: Recollections of Men, Women and Music. Boston: Hale, Cushman, and Flint, 1941. A wealth of information on music in the first quarter of the twentieth century and last half of the nineteenth as Sousa saw it. An autobiography
essential books on band history
Schwartz, H. W. Bands of America. New York: Da Capo Press, 1975. An account of American bands from Jullien and Gilmore to Goldman.

orchestras and strings
                   (1) History of the Suzuki Method. A site with a brief history of the Suzuki Method.
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