CPSC 1110: Data Structure and Program Design

Course Description


Continued development of programming style using abstract data structures and top-down design. Debugging and testing of large programs. Emphasis on algorithm development. List processing. Recursion. (Stacks, trees, searching and sorting.) Lecture 2 hours and laboratory 3 hours. Prerequisite: CPSC 150 with a grade of C or better.


    Fran Carrano and Janet J Prichard, Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with Java, Edition: 2, Addison and Wesley, ISBN: 0-312-30428-4

Lecture Notes


Chapter 1: Review of Java Fundamentals,     Exceptions

        Codes:;;;;;;;; copyTextFile.txt;; searchFileSequentiallyByText.txt;;;;

Chapter 2. Principles of Programming and Software Engineering, File Input/Output


Chapter 3. Recursion: The Mirrors

        Codes:; binSearch.txt; fact.txt;;; rabbit.txt;

Chapter 4. Data Abstraction: The Walls

        Codes:;;;;; compareTo.txt;;;;;;

Chapter 5. Linked Lists

        Codes: MyNumber; increaseCapacity; IntegerNode; TestIntegerNode; Node; ListInterface; ListReferenceBased; ListException; writeList; writeBackward2; insertRecursive; StockItem; Customer; MyClass; TestMyClass; TestLinkedList; GroceryList
Chapter 6. Stacks


Chapter 7. Queues
Chapter 8. Advanced Java Topics
Chapter 9. Algorithm Efficiency and Sorting
Chapter 10. Trees: Part A, Part B
Chapter 11.Tables and Priority Queues: Part A, Part B