Chestnut People

Montebibbico,   23 October 1993
It was actually raining pretty hard - that's my excuse for being slightly out of focus.

Dear Chestnut People,

    From time to time, over the years,  I have had the opportunity to photograph many of my colleagues.  Presented here are some of my favorite photographs.   Emphasis here is on the photo - not the person - I like all of you just fine.  But maybe the picture I took of you didn't turn out just right or maybe I couldn't find the slide on my way to the scanner.  Don't worry.  I'll get you yet!   I'll get all of you you posted on this page as soon as I am able.


The Photos:

Adamo and Tomatis - in the field 
Jennifer Ayers - took this picture
Mark Alexander - in Chaves 
Aunt Nell - in her orchard
Sandra Anagnostakis- in the snow (that's 'Scientist's Cliff' in the background)
Sandra - with Castanea pumila at Bell Station, Maryland
Evasio Antognozzi - in the rain
Davide Baridon - in the winter
Guido Bassi - picking mushrooms
Guido and Pedro - in Pedro's orchard near Cuneo
Daniele Bassi - foto missing
Rafaelle Bassi - with S.Pellegrino at ASPROFRUT
Teresa Baudino - a chestnut grower in Valle Pesio (CN)
Aldo Bava - at home
Omroa Bhagwandin - not really
Carlo Bellone (1) - and a brush pile
Carlo Bellone (2) - with his harvester
Diego Bellone - with C.Peano
Dana Berger - and an orchid
Marco Bisiach - getting interviewed
Christine Bock - and the "historic first nut"
Christine Bock, again
Marco Bottazzi -
Giancarlo Bounous - with Anna on the cover of his new Book
Fabrizio Bullano -
Henry Boyd - at Gary Clendenon's
Marshal Case - all dressed up
Gary Clendenon - in the field
Jean Coulier - and his rooted cuttings
Marco Conedera - in France
Emilio Craddock - at Lula Lake
Bobby Davenport - in the greenhouse
Mark Double - all wet
Andrea Fabbri - in Morgantown
Francesco Ferrini  - voleva vedere la sua foto qua
Joe Franzreb - sort of
Mike Gold (photo by Ken Hunt)
Guy Goldsbrough
- in Italy
Pablo Grau - on tour
Fred Hebard - too close for comfort
Ray Knowles - in Boves
Prof. Liu Liu - close up
Bill MacDonald - with Fred Paillet (is that you, Fred?)
Shawn Mehlenbacher  - in a coppice 
Francesco Nicese - not quite
Greg Miller (Photo Mike Nave)
Roberto Paglietta - con 'La Madonna di Canale' a Monteu Roero
Cristiana Peano - in Boves
Silvio Pellegrino - non c'e'
Jonathan Pewitt - at Lula Lake
Joseph Postman - in Valle Pellice
William Raoul - at Bendabout Farm
Joe and Mary Rinaudo - in Val d'Aosta
Regan Ritchie - isolating virgin females
Regan Ritchie  - under C. mollissima at Ware Branch
Giovanni Salagno - a chestnut grower in Valle Pesio (CN)
Sig. Livio Salarin - a chestnut grower in Cumiana (TO)
Another picture of Salarin
Paul Sisco with Charles Burnham in 1980
Scott Schlarbaum - Scott's pictures are probably with my dogwood slides
Sig. Tomassone - a chestnut grower in Banda di Villarfocchiardo (TO)
Robert Bernatzky  - at Bell Station, (MD)
Roberto Botta - ner Bordeaux
AnnaMaria Vettraino - in Bordeaux with Mario Mandujano
Lou Shain - in Maryland
Lisa Worthen and Mark Alexander at the Reflection Riding Plant Sale

Group foto in Cuneo (TO)
A chestnut grower near Perlo (CN) - Marco Benzo conosce queste persone, se mi comunica i nomi...
Another chestnut grower near Perlo (CN)
Hill posing and Paola working - near Giaveno (TO)
Chestnut Roaster in Bologna - the sign says "Regazze, non avete mai viste marroni cosi belli e grossi..."
Basket-weaver in Cialancia (Pradlevis) 


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