American Chestnut Mother Tree Inventory Project

Wanted:  Blooming American Chestnut Trees!
We need to know the locations of blooming American chestnut trees in Tennessee to include them in our breeding program
Photo by Dr. Fred Hebard, TACF

What is a "Mother Tree" ?

Tennessee represents an important region for Castanea dentata genetic diversity.  To preserve the valuable gene pool of the Tennessee American chestnut trees we must first locate the surviving American chestnut trees which are producing flowers.  To be useful, the trees must first be positively identified.  They must be of bearing age and  easily accessible.  And of course we need the landowner's permission to pollinate.

The Tennessee Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation (TN-TACF) is hoping to find five to ten "Mother Trees" to pollinate each year.  The lifespan of each blooming American Chestnut tree in Tennessee is brief but each can contribute valuable genetic diversity to the effort to breed a blight-resistant tree.

If you know the location of a potential "Mother Tree" please fill out the Chestnut Tree Locator Form below and mail it or fax it to us.

Chestnut Tree Locator Form

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