A Secure Cost-effective Multi-Cloud Storage in Cloud Computing


The end of this decade is marked by a paradigm shift of the industrial information technology towards a pay-per-use service business model known as cloud computing. Huge amounts of data being retrieved from geographically distributed data sources, and non-localized data-handling requirements, creates such a change in technological as well as business model. Along with these unprecedented advantages, cloud data storage also redefines the security issues targeted on customerís outsourced data (data that does not stored/retrieved from the costumers own servers). Since cloud service providers (SP) are separate market entities, data integrity and privacy are the most critical issues that need to be addressed in cloud computing. In this work we observed that, from a customerís point of view, relying upon a solo SP for his outsourced data is not very promising. In addition, if the data is distributed among the available SPs in such a way that no less than a threshold number of SPs can take part in successful retrieval of meaningful data,this might provide better privacy as well as ensure data availability with a little more cost paid. In this paper, we propose an economical distribution of data among the available SPs in the market, to provide customers with data availability as well as secure storage.

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