Diverse Path Routing with Interference and Reusability Consideration in Wireless Mesh Networks


Multipath routing has been extensively employed in wireless mesh networks (WMNs) for providing network reliability and survivability, therefore, improves energy consumptions. To provide network survivability, each user should be protected against failures, either node or link failures. For each request, a primary path is set up for normal transmission, and an alternate path (protection path) should also be provided to protect the request in case of network failure. In this paper, we study how to provide survivability using multi-path scheme for dynamic network traffic, where users’ requests have random arrival times. Compared with previous work, our scheme considers interference and reusability factors when providing multiple paths for each request. By applying our scheme, the numerical results show that we can accommodate about 17% more requests than previous schemes. Meanwhile, the results show that our scheme not only accommodates more requests, but also takes less running time to find a solution for each request.

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