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  Cuilan "Lani" Gao
Assistant Professor of Statistics

Department of Mathematics
The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Office:  EMCS 418F
Phone:  423-425-4554
Fax:      423-425-4586
E-Mail: Cuilan-Gao@utc.edu





       Spring 2016 (Office Hours : TTH: 12:30PM-1:30PM or by appointment)

       Previous Semesters



Before joining UTC, I collaborated with investigators at  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital  in the areas of bioinformatics and computational  biology. I am interested in 

(1) statistical methodology with applications to biomedical sciences and health science;

(2) statistical inference methods in systems biology and genomewide integrated  analysis with emphasis on applications to cancer genomics; 

(3) methods of analyzing similarity of animal models of human diseases.

My other interests include developing statistical methods for analyzing  mRNA sequencing data (count data) obtained by Next-Generation Sequencing Technology. Currently I am working on a project about developing a statistical procedure to compare accuracy of multiple animal models of human disease.

       Recently funded grant proposals

  • [Co-PI] I-Math: An Interdisciplinary Math Training Platform (Leading PI: Jin Wang in Department of Mathematics at UTC),(NSF#: 1520672), $500,000, 09/01/2015-08/31/2018.

  • [PI] Continuing bringing in external grant from UT College of Medicine in Chattanooga. ($5861 per year), 8/2014 -present.



Peer-reviewed Journal Articles



  • Contributed talk (6/2012), "How to Make Bioconductor Packages Under Windows", The 7th International R User Conference, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Poster (3/2012), "Analyze mRNA-seq Data using Empirical Bayesian Selection of hypothesis Procedure", Postdoctoral Professional Development Event 2012, Memphis TN.

  • Invited talk (11/2011), "Evaluate the mouse model of pediatric brain tumors by a statistical procedure AGDEX", Department of Mathematics,   The University of Mississppi.

  • Poster (11/2011), "Emipicial Baysian selection of hypothesis testing for analysis of mRNA-seq data", 2011 Faculty/postdoc Poster Session at   St. Jude children's Research Hospital.

  • Poster (9/2011),“Evaluate the similarity of differential expression for cross-species genomics”, 1st Statistical Analysis of Next Generation Sequence Data, the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  • Seminar(9/2011), "Statistical Methods and Software in Statistical Genetics/ Genomics", Biostatistics Research Seminar, Department of Biostatistics at St. Jude Research Hospital.

  • Contributed talk (8/2011), "Evaluation of the accuracy of a mouse model of human brain diseases by agreement of differential expression", Joint Statistics Meetings, Miami, FL.

  • Contributed talk (3/2011), "Measure agreement of differential expression of cross-species genomics", UT/ORNL/KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit, The Univeristy of Memphis.

  • Seminar (3/2011), " A Statistical Procedure to Measure the Agreement of Differential Expression of Crossspecies Genomics", Biostatistics Research Seminar, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

  • Workshop (9/2010), "Evaluate the mouse model of pediatric Ependymoma and Medulloblastoma", Biostatistics and Bioinformatics semina, St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

  • Contributed talk (1/2010), "Graph ranking on gene network”,  Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Francisco, CA.

  • Poster (2/2009), "Gene clustering by graph ranking", Midsouth Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Society (MCBIOS), Mississippi State University.

  • Contributed talk (8/2008), "Graph ranking using Kernelized Depth Function, with Application to Gene Network", Joint Statistics Meeting, Denver, CO.


The Comprehensive R Archive Network

A list of useful functions in R

knitr,Elegant, flexible and fast dynamic report generation with R


I married Weidong who is a structural engineer. We have two little girls Emma (9 yrs) and Elly (4 yrs). I love walking, swimming and reading stories with happy ending.



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