Christopher F. Silver

Research Associate and Lecturer

Hello and welcome to UT Chattanooga. My name is Christopher F. Silver and I serve as a research supervisor and instructor in the Department of Psychology. I coordinate a variety of projects related to the study of religion with my friend and colleague Dr. Ralph Hood. Our research has afforded me a number of opportunities for international and national research through the UTC Psychology of Religion Research Laboratory. I would humbly like to share some information regarding my research background as well as my interests in the field of Psychology of Religion and Social Theory.

My Educational Background
My specialization falls within three areas, psychology, religious studies, and education. Within the field of psychology my training relates to psychology of religion, psychometrics, and theory. Within the field of religious studies I specialize in social and cultural theory. Within the field of Education, I specialize in learning and leadership with a focus on styles of religious education. I currently have two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, and I am finishing my doctoral degree in education. Teaching and research are two of my favorite pleasures. Research provides me the opportunity to learn about people with values and beliefs different from my own. I learn something from each and every person I interview or survey. I appreciate the time people donate to my research as not only have they furthered human understanding academically but have made me a better person as well. Education transcends the classroom to interpersonal interaction and learning. As UTC is a strong research based institution, our organization appreciates research as a medium to further the curricular agenda.

Professional Experience

Research Experience
As a member of the Psychology faculty at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, I am coordinating a research project related to spirituality. Additionally I have served as a consultant for a variety of research project design strategies as well as analysis within experimental psychology, psychology and law, and educational assessment. This includes qualitative, quantitative, and a mixed-methods approach to data collection and analysis. Below are some themes I have explored through a previous research projects conducted with my colleagues.


I am currently working with colleagues from the Universität Bielefeld exploring spirituality internationally. This is a two year project which explores the complex nature of those who are self described spiritual individuals. Our research will explore what factors relate to “being spiritual” including mysticism, personality, psychological well-being, and demographic characteristics.

Other projects in exploration

I currently have long term working relationships with colleagues in Canada, Germany, The United Kingdom, and China. Moreover, I also work with a number of social scientists here in the United States as well. My research is reflective of the relationships I have established over the years and has resulted in fruitful endeavors and profound results. I have continued interests in these fields and look to find other partners in which to explore my interests.

Professional Development
I have been hired as a consultant by a number of local companies related to statistical analysis and quantification of business processes for monitoring and measurement. Additionally, I have also trained staff related to using statistical matrices. I continue to provide external consulting services to companies as well as free consulting to non-profit organizations such as the YMCA and area religious groups.  My work with professional and academic institutions has allowed me to create community relationships for our university. Through community service initiatives provided by myself and others in the psychology department, we are creating a value driven processes of not only educating future generations but also creating relationships which benefit the University and the community.

While in graduate school, I have served as a network systems analyst for a logistics firm in Chattanooga. This position also included technical writing for new IT processes and the documentation of a variety of data analysis techniques. My expertise has been used as an external consultant as well for different organizations within the Southeast United States.

I have a couple of publications and I am co-authored on a book. Additionally, I am working on a number of projects which should result in publication as well. See my vita for additional information.

Qualitative and Quantitative Results from Cross-Cultural Research in Germany and the United States of America.
Heinz Streib / Ralph W. Hood Jr. / Barbara Keller / Rosina-Martha Csöff / Christopher F. Silver


Technology Consultant for the Hood Psychology of Religion Lab

As the primary consultant for the Hood Psychology of Religion Laboratory, I assist in qualitative study designs which employ technology as a means of data collection. Moreover, I also assist in data analysis and presentation.

Moreover, here is a pictorial sample of my research....

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Revisited

I explore ISKCON as it changes to meet the new challenges of growing immigrant populations as well as second-generation westerners who are beginning to lead the organization.

Research on Buddhism in the Southeast United States.

Pictured Below is Ralph Hood, Margaret Poloma, and myself at Blood-n-Fire Ministries. This is when we examined an inner city ministries ability to transform crack addicted African Americans through belief in Jesus Christ.

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