John Carson Tucker

Graduate Students 1999-2008


Thesis (completed)

●     Ben Miles, The Cumberland Trail: An Assessment of Law, Policy, and Management Issues Facing Tennessee’s New Linear Park (2007)

●     Cheryl Horn, Sustainable Development or Just Development?  An Analysis of Sustainability Indicators for Chattanooga Tennessee (2006)

●     Maya M. Belka, Chattanooga Creek: Assessing the Suitability of the Floodplain for use as a Recreational Greenway (2005)

●     Christopher W. Hayes, Evaluation of the Protocol for Early Action Compacts Designed to Achieve and Maintain the 8-Hour Ozone Standard for the Chattanooga TN-GA Metropolitan Statistical Area (2005)

●     Steve Lampkins, A Comprehensive Comparison of the Growth Management Statutes of Oregon and Florida, and Possible Implications for Tennessee’s Growth Management Programs (2005)

●     Christine M. Greene, Strategies to Protect Groundwater Resources in the Bahamas: A Comparative Analysis of Regulations in Australia, the Bahamas, and the United States of America (2004)

●     Jeffrey B. Bostick, Taking Downtown to the Next Level: An Assessment of the Downtown Chattanooga Plan for Sustainable Development (2004)

●     Bradley R. Reynolds, An Examination of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act and Cumulative Community Contamination Sites (2003)

●     Connie Kennedy, One Hundred Years of Environmental Pollution at Chattanooga Creek:  A Review of Selected Studies (2003)

●     Matthew D. Skilling, An Analysis of Wetland Mitigation Banking in Tennessee (2001)

●     Reid B. Sisson, Wetland Mitigation Banking as a Tool for Conservation (2000)


Internship (completed)

●     Meredith Jagger, “Interactive Environmental Education: An SCA Internship at Crow’s Neck Environmental Education Center, Tishomingo, MS” (2009)

●     Sarah Rankin, “Climate Change Management and Governance:  Evaluating the Chattanooga Green Committee” (2008)

●     Kasey Belva, “Internal Energy Management of the Tennessee Valley Authority” (2007)

●     Steven Hales, “Bacteriological Assessments in Tennessee Valley Reservoirs, Southeastern Tennessee” (2006)

●     Amy Pennington, “Water Supply Regulation in the Chattanooga Region” (2005)

●     Jason Dees, “Environmental Management System Internship at the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC” (2005)

●     Melanie Keith, “Internship Teaching High School Biology in Ringold, GA" (2004)

●     Rebecca L. Hallman, “Internship with the Tennessee Valley Authority Aquatic Monitoring and Management Team’s Fish Heads” (2004)

●     Rob Ellis, “Internship with Advanced Waste Management Systems, Inc.: ISO 14001, Perspectives on Practical Applications within the Industrial Sector and Registrar Operations” (2003)

●     Jamon Bass, “Internship with the Office of Surface Mining at the North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy, Chattanooga, Tennessee (2002)

●     Karen Rennich, “Internship at the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency” (2002)

●     Beverly King, "Environmental Education at the Tennessee Wildlife Center" (1999)

●     Sarah Jennings, "Tennessee Aquarium Internship: A Summer Program for Students at the Tennessee Aquarium" (1999)


Literature Review/Research Project (completed)

       Mehvish Khan, A Historical Review of Whales, Whaling, and Whaling Regulations (2007)

       Rick Gehrke, Effectiveness of Citizen Participation in Governmental Decisions: A Case Study of the Appalachian Development Highway System Corridor K Project – Ocoee Section (2007)