About Dr. Buggey

Tom's undergrad, masters, and Ph D degrees have all been in special education. He earned his Ph D in Early Intervention from Penn State in 1993. He began his education career in 1973 as a teacher of gifted, moved to Newfoundland, Canada in 1975 to serve as a Special Services Coordinator, then returned to Pennsylvania where he taught for 8 years in elementary/primary grades. After completing his Ph D he served as a professor at the Univ. of Memphis until 2007 when he accepted the Siskin Endowed Chair of Excellence in Early Childhood Special Education. He presently resides in Chattanooga with his wife Ann who is an instructor in the English Dept. at UTC, his two daughters, and two grandchildren.


Tom has been conducting research in the area of video self-modeling (VSM) since completing his dissertation at Penn State. You can learn more about self-modeling by following the link above. At first he was interested in using the method with children with language delays, but in 1995 two graduate assistants did their theses using VSM with children with autism. They had success and Dr. Buggey has pursued work with these youngsters ever since. VSM has been successful across many behaviors and ages, although the most stunning successes have come with elementary-aged students with milder forms of autism. In 2009 his book Seeing is Believing was published by Woodbine House. Dr. Buggey currently serves on the editorial board of Focus on Autism and other Developmental Disabilities and has done guest editorials on several other journals.


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