CPSC 4550: Computer Networks

Course Description

The theory, design, engineering, and installation of networks to connect digital computers. The course will prepare students to plan and implement a network. Also includes peer-to-peer networks, the client-server model, network operating systems, and an introduction to wide-area networks. The network and implementation tools may vary to meet current development trends. Prerequisites: CPSC 251 and 305 with grades of C or better.


James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, Computer Networking, Edition 3, Addison and Wesley, ISBN: 0-312-22735-2

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Lecture Notes

Chapter 1: Computer Networking and and the Internet
Chapter 2. Application Layer
Chapter 3. Transport Layer
Chapter 4. Network Layer
Chapter 5. Data Link Layer and Local Area Networks
Chapter 6. Wireless and Mobile Networks

Chapter 7. Multimedia Networking

Chapter 8. Security in Computer Networks

Labs and Assignments

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