Department of Biology, Geology and Environmental Science

I've had the pleasure of teaching at Branson Field Laboratory, the University of Missouri's Geology Field Camp, during recent summers.
The camp is located in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.

May 27 through June, 22, 2017

May 29 through July 11, 2016

May 31 through June 24, 2015

June 1 through June 24, 2014

June 5 through June 25, 2013

Miscelaneous images, 2010, 2011, 2012

The old bridge in high water (... going ... going ... gone! June 4 and June 7, 2010), and the new bridge (2012).

June 3 through June 23, 2010



Snow in camp on June 12.


Owl chicks on a ledge in one of the field areas.


June 10 through June 24, 2009



The sign on Sinks Canyon Road.


Cattle in Sinks Canyon.


Sinks Canyon with Fossil Hill on the skyline and the red roofs of field camp cabins on the valley floor.



A student on George.

Yellow lichen on the Gypsum Spring Formation.


June 10 through June 24, 2008



Relatively high water on the Popo Agie River.


A moose outside my cabin window.




Bob Bauer, camp director,  explains field relations among deformed sedimentary rocks.


Examples of local flora.








The cabins (red roofs) of Branson Field Laboratory. Photo taken from "George" a high promontory above camp.

June 12 through June 21, 2007


Students eating lunch in the field.




Granite Knob from a moraine above camp.


Shinpaugh, Tommy, and yours truly with our backs to a 60-mph wind (my estimate) on Granite Knob.




Lunch on Granite Knob, sheltered from the wind.


A very large feldspar crystal on Granite Knob.




The view, looking down Sinks Canyon toward camp, from Granite Knob.


Shinpaugh takes the plunge in the Popo Agie.




A student ponders his location while mapping.


Cloverly, one of the smaller cabins at Branson Field Lab .